Friday, October 28, 2016

Insight - It's a comin' - By Michelle Libby

The air has turned nippy and many of the trees have lost their leaves. Now is the time to prepare. The Halloween decorations are out and holiday plans are being made. Now is the time to get ready. Christmas decorations have found their way into stores and snowblowers are being tuned up. It’s a comin’. 

Now is the time to prepare.

Now is the time to get ready.

It’s a comin’. 

The holiday rush has begun. First with Halloween where we try to scare the pants off one another, then with Thanksgiving, where we try to redeem ourselves with thankfulness and gratitude, and finally Christmas or Hanukkah or other end of the year holiday, where we give gifts and yummy foods. 

January 1st we all sit back in our comfy chairs and think back to late fall and beginning of winter, where all we can really see is the fun we had last summer on the beach, boating and being active outside and will do it again in only a few months.

Being in the moment is too hard. We are always looking around the next corner. Our next meal, our next vacation, our next opportunity, and while that is helpful to be aware of opportunities, it is also nice to take a few moments to sit and enjoy the sound of the wind through the leaves, or watch the peacefulness of the lake. 

It’s coming. There’s no stopping the passage of time and seasons. But there won’t be that many days left where we can sit outside and just enjoy nature without being wrapped up like mummies. 

My message for this week is to take a moment for yourself. Be present and let thoughts come and go. Turn off your computer, phone, calculator and be.


Thank you to one of my favorite books for the inspiration for the beginning of this column. Do you know which book it is?

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