Friday, October 28, 2016

Dear Editor - From Larry Dunphy, Maine State Rep. District 118

Dear Editor,

I'm writing in strong support of Rep. Michael McClellan's reelection to the Maine House. After reading a recent letter published in this newspaper criticizing Rep. McClellan specifically for his vote on LD 1649 a bill that would have expanded solar energy in Maine, while sticking the ratepayers with the bill, specifically hurting seniors and disabled Mainers on fixed incomes.

I have served on the Energy Committee in the Maine Legislature for the past six years and I won't bore you with the minutia of this complex piece of legislation. Instead, I'll simply tell you that the CEO of Huhtamakki spoke to our caucus and warned us that if this bill passed, it would cause their electric bill to increase by more than $120,000 annually. The Maine PUC warned the energy committee that every day Mainers could expect to see an increase of more than $20 million over the next five years.

Make no mistake, Rep. Micheal McClellan is looking out for you and all the ratepayers in the State of Maine. Looking around and seeing huge solar projects going up all over Maine, I'd say the solar industry is doing just fine without hardworking Mainers' money.

Larry Dunphy
Maine State Representative District 118

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