Friday, October 28, 2016

Dear Editor - From Diana Froisland, RSU14 vice chair

Dear Editor,

I will be supporting Mike McClellan for re-election as our representative for House Seat 66. I have known Mike during my time serving on the school board for RSU 14, and also as a neighbor. One of Mike's roles in Augusta has been to serve on the Education & Cultural Affairs committee. Mike created a weekly email blog that he sends to educators, administrators, and school board representatives in his district to keep us informed about the house schedule, bills concerning education, or other information that impacts us.  

I am impressed with Mike's genuine attitude of service. He is always seeking feedback or ways in which he can be of help and responds quickly to any questions or concerns. Mike has also served as a school board representative in Raymond, prior to consolidation, so I feel confident that he understands the difficult decisions we regularly face. He also volunteered in the Raymond schools and was instrumental in the construction of the Raymond Elementary School. 

Like many of us, Mike loves his community and has been very active in coaching sports, volunteering for committees and helping in the schools. He is a strong advocate for children and that is why I hope you will join me in supporting Mike McClellan for reelection to Maine House 66!

Diana Froisland
RSU14 Vice Chair

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