Friday, October 7, 2016

Dear Editor - From Nancy Larrivee

Dear Editor,

I have worked for the Windham School Department as a part time custodian for 22 years. I got a letter in the mail from Bill Hansen saying there was no CHRC certificate in my employee file. They sent me a form to fill out to send to the state with a $10 fee. I did not know what CHRC stood for. (I have been a real estate broker for 31 years, so I know about filling out forms.) I went to the superintendent’s office to find out. Bill was on vacation and the only person to help me wasn’t there anyway. One of the custodians at the high school showed me the form. It stood for Criminal History Record Check. So I completed the form and sent it in. In today’s world you have to be careful with you social security number and Visa number, so on the form I am sending through the mail – my name, social security number, mailing address, phone, birth date and Visa number. I hope it gets into the right hands. It made me wonder why the Superintendent’s Office wasn’t handling this. 

In the meantime, Holly sent me a letter saying after many attempts by Bill Hansen to provide me with the information necessary to begin this approval process to date she does not have a copy. So my status as a spare custodian for RSU14 had been changed to inactive and I could no longer work there. (There were only 10 days I could have worked because school was closing and I didn’t work when school was out.) I called Holly and left a message, she did not return my call. I got a form back for the state saying I had to have my fingerprints taken. 

I went up to the Superintendent’s Office with the letter and forms from the state to talk with someone. A lady came out and I gave her the letter and forms from the state. She took them in to talk with someone. I guess Holly was too busy to talk with me. The lady came back and said I have to have my fingerprints taken. But I said they have had my fingerprints for years. 

They were taken years back when I was working at the school. She said then I should have kept them up to date. How would I know I was supposed to keep them up to date?

I could go and have my fingerprints taken, but it was probably time I got through. I enjoyed the job and the custodians were always so nice to me. But to get a letter in the mail saying I could no longer work there after 22 years made me feel bad.

Nancy Larrivee

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