Friday, October 7, 2016

Dear Editor - From Kathy Turner

Dear Editor,

One thing I know for sure is that something in Maine politics needs to change – especially party politics. Sometimes our politicians are so steeped in the party line, that their votes reflect the needs of the party instead of the needs of the people who elected them. A representative is supposed to weigh the evidence of each bill on its merit, and make a thoughtful decision as to the best outcome for his/her district. And what about compromise? Is it a lost art? The people of Maine benefit when our leaders do the hard work to arrive at a compromise that will move an agenda forward and implement needed change.

For these reasons, I will be working to elect Jessica Fay to represent District 66 in the Maine House of Representatives. As a small business owner, she is well known in our community and has a strong pulse on the issues that impact us most. We have had many conversations about health care, education, Maine’s business climate and the environment. Jessica’s approach is always the same: Listen, ask a lot of questions, do the research, consider the impact on all sectors of the population, and come to an informed decision. Input from her party is respected and considered, but is not the factor that determines her position.

I want a representative that is more concerned about arriving at solutions than party politics. Jessica Fay is the candidate that will do this. It’s time for a change of leadership in this district. Please join me in supporting Jessica Fay for State Representative.

Kathy Turner

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