Friday, October 28, 2016

Dear Editor - Marshall Bullock, Chair of Raymond Republican Party

Dear Editor,

It appears that in this very difficult and at times offensive national election that some of the animosity has drifted down to the local level. Whatever political system of beliefs you choose to follow, I accept as true that it is the responsibility of all of us to conduct ourselves as American citizens and not crude combatants. The people of Raymond deserve better than that. The local government and townspeople have worked for many years to make this community a safe and enjoyable place to live and raise a family. Friday night is one example of how low some people wish to stoop. To have this community become involved in the muddiness of the national political scene is not who we are.

I would strongly urge all of us in Raymond to support and vote for your candidate of choice – but not degrade ourselves into revolting tricks to disparage the opponent. There are many examples where the bitterness continues for years after the significant event. I truly hope that the residents of the Town of Raymond will respect each other’s political views and not become a divided community as a result of the disgusting antagonism being displayed on the national level. We will all still be neighbors on November 9th.

Marshall Bullock
Raymond Republican Party

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