Friday, October 21, 2016

Dear Editor - Marshall Bullock, Chair of Raymond Republican Party

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, October 18th, Raymond Republicans hosted an event to begin our final push towards the Election Day effort. Republican candidates Rep. Susan Austin (Maine House 67) and Rep. Mike McClellan (Maine House 66) joined a large group in networking, discussing current efforts, passing out literature and signs and then sat down to a discussion on the referendum items and how all people can be involved. It was a busy night. 

As chair of the Raymond Republican Party, I must say I was surprised and heartened by the large turnout. I also can say almost all remained through the discussion to completion. The consensus in the room was that the referendum items would cause more harm than good, are poorly written and should all get a No! vote. It appeared to me that attendees were excited to see so many energized by the republican values of God, family, local control, rule of law and that the money is yours, not some government official's. 

I believe that when we hold to these values, we will deal correctly with whatever the pressing issue is before us. It was clear during the discussion that in the local races there are very different choices for Maine House 66 and 67. We wholeheartedly endorse Rep. Susan Austin for Maine House 67 and Rep. Mike McClellan for Maine House 66. They both represent these stated values and I encourage you to both get involved in their campaigns and certainly vote for them on November 8th.

Marshall Bullock
Raymond Republican Party

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