Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dear Editor - From Jessica Fay

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the many people who gave of their time and energy, made Clean Elections contributions and wrote letters of support for my candidacy for state representative in Casco, Poland and Raymond. The campaign was a true team effort and we would not have won without all of our hard work. It is an honor to be elected.

To all the voters in House District 66, I am honored to be representing you and will need your input. I hope that you will feel comfortable contacting me with your thoughts or concerns. The 128th Legislature will be sworn in on December 7th and I will be ready to hit the ground running when we convene in January

I would also like to thank Rep. McClellan for his service to our community and for running a positive campaign.

I am grateful to be able to serve my constituents and am looking forward to representing all the people in Maine House District 66,

Representative Elect Jessica Fay,
Maine House District 66
Parts of Casco, Poland and Raymond 
(207) 415-4218

Dear Editor - From Fred Collins

Dear Editor,

To those that still like to read the written word. A recent comment was made that perhaps I was “naive” or uninformed when it came to the function of the government. I realize I have no college degree to bolster my long existence in our America, I do have many undocumented degrees in the world of hard knocks. For those that have not heard the expression – it’s sort of like swimming in many streams with a strong current. 

Each endeavor that we undertake it’s a learning experience by doing. A fellow once asked me what I felt was a very important question – “Why aren’t educators teaching common sense?” Common sense in itself can solve many problems in any walk of life. 

I believe common sense is the common denominator in a life worth living.

Submitted by,
Fred Collins
Windham Alumnus

Maine romance authors featured in anthology

Authors, all members of the Maine Romance Writers (MRW) group, have novellas and short stories featured in an anthology which was released on November 10 in both print and e-book formats.
Welcome to Serenity Harbor, featuring nine novellas written by Maine authors and their friends, has the common thread of a small coastal Maine town, with some shared characters and locations among the books.

The idea for the anthology was hatched in August 2015, at the annual writing retreat of the Maine Romance Writers. Although not sponsored by MRW, all the authors, including one from New York, and one from New Jersey who wrote the introduction, are members of the Maine Romance Writers. The project was a cooperative effort, with a steering /production committee who set deadlines, worked on promotion, and engaged professional editors, formatters, a cover artist, and made sure the book would be available through all the digital venues, including iBooks, Kobo, Amazon and BN.

Local authors Michelle Libby from Windham and Meg Kassel from Raymond are also featured in the book. 

Welcome to Serenity Harbor is available now.

Insight - Melissa had her baby! - By Michelle Libby

I’m so excited to announce that Melissa Carter and her husband, but mostly Melissa, had her first child on Saturday night. Mom and baby are doing fine. In honor of this momentous occasion, I wanted to offer her some motherly advice. 

1.     Life will never be the same. I kind of want to repeat this one. Having kids makes life interesting and exciting and messy.
2.     Free time? What free time? The days will be filled with diaper changes, feedings and then before you know it, “Mommy, come play Barbies with me.”
3.     Leaving her in the care of others is difficult. Even if you look forward to the break, you still worry that they can’t take care of your baby as well as you can. Find someone you trust to take her and leave her a little bit at a time to wean yourself from her.
4.     Sleep when she sleeps. Kelly and I have told you this one. Infants are a round the clock boss. You don’t want to get over tired.
5.     Don’t buy her too much right away. She will grow like a weed and outgrow clothes in a day or two. She also won’t care about much at Christmas other than the lights. (Next year will be awesome.)
6.     Don’t be afraid to call the doctor/nurse/grandma when you have questions. Everyone does it. 101 degree fever in an infant should be checked.
7.     You still need to make time to have a conversation with your husband. Once she gets older, you and your husband should take a night to go away together. Go up to camp alone, just be together to keep your relationship solid.
8.     Shower. It will make you feel like a million bucks. Two million if you can’t hear her crying while you shower.
9.     Remember the phrase “And, this too shall pass.” The minutes go by slow, but the weeks and years go by fast.
10.  And finally, you will never love another human as much as you love little Macie. She will bring joy, heartbreak and happiness into your life.

Congratulations to the Carter family from all of us at The Windham Eagle. We can’t wait to meet her.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Dear Editor - from Fred Collins

Dear Editor, 

To the readers of The Windham Eagle. Since I now have more time for thought and no longer punch a clock, I have found the realm of solitude. 

Most rewarding. (A time to engage in self.)

It seems like out of nowhere there’s a blue bird on our shoulder, reminding us we are not alone, but there are many travelers on the same highway of life. 

(Solitude is akin to inspiration.)

The mind is open to a world that the busy traveler seldom sees. It is said that folks in the field of chemistry that solve complicated formulas, that many of their solutions were discovered in the “solitude” of their bedrooms in the wee house of the morning. They would rush to the laboratory and put their thoughts to work. 

Years ago in my productive years, I felt my faith spoke to me in the solitude of my working truck as I traveled to my job sites. Since I worked alone I envisioned Christ was in the passenger seat behind me, and gave me instructions on the prospects for the day.

(Of course one must have a listening ear.) I believe one should include a spot in one’s day for solitude, it may renew your being!

It can make like worth living!

Submitted by,
Longtime citizen,
Fred Collins