Friday, October 28, 2016

Dear Editor - From Louise Lester, Raymond

Dear Editor,

We have certainly been flooded with rhetoric from our candidates. Maybe I’m just not remembering past elections, especially presidential, but it seems this year and a half has been a preponderance of fast shot advertising and of course the debates. Some candidates have made themselves available to the public to discuss issues which is wonderful. I believe that conversation and information are critical to our political issues and thank all our candidates for trying to give us what we need in order to make an educated decision at the polls.

One candidate, Mike McClellan Republican from Raymond and running for the Legislative seat from District 66, is one person who strives to keep his constituents informed and has been for his years in the legislature. He is available and ready to give information and knowledge to anyone who calls on him. His weekly blog by email has been a great source of information to me and many others as well as his desire to answer people’s questions by phone, email, US mail or in person can’t be understated. I hope that concerned voters will exercise their duty to vote on November 8th and send Mike back to Augusta for another term. He is there to help us and the State of Maine.

Louise Lester

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