Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Insight - Melissa had her baby! - By Michelle Libby

I’m so excited to announce that Melissa Carter and her husband, but mostly Melissa, had her first child on Saturday night. Mom and baby are doing fine. In honor of this momentous occasion, I wanted to offer her some motherly advice. 

1.     Life will never be the same. I kind of want to repeat this one. Having kids makes life interesting and exciting and messy.
2.     Free time? What free time? The days will be filled with diaper changes, feedings and then before you know it, “Mommy, come play Barbies with me.”
3.     Leaving her in the care of others is difficult. Even if you look forward to the break, you still worry that they can’t take care of your baby as well as you can. Find someone you trust to take her and leave her a little bit at a time to wean yourself from her.
4.     Sleep when she sleeps. Kelly and I have told you this one. Infants are a round the clock boss. You don’t want to get over tired.
5.     Don’t buy her too much right away. She will grow like a weed and outgrow clothes in a day or two. She also won’t care about much at Christmas other than the lights. (Next year will be awesome.)
6.     Don’t be afraid to call the doctor/nurse/grandma when you have questions. Everyone does it. 101 degree fever in an infant should be checked.
7.     You still need to make time to have a conversation with your husband. Once she gets older, you and your husband should take a night to go away together. Go up to camp alone, just be together to keep your relationship solid.
8.     Shower. It will make you feel like a million bucks. Two million if you can’t hear her crying while you shower.
9.     Remember the phrase “And, this too shall pass.” The minutes go by slow, but the weeks and years go by fast.
10.  And finally, you will never love another human as much as you love little Macie. She will bring joy, heartbreak and happiness into your life.

Congratulations to the Carter family from all of us at The Windham Eagle. We can’t wait to meet her.

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