Friday, November 4, 2016

Elections causing strife in our communities and country - By Michelle Libby

Have you unfriended anyone from Facebook because of their political posts? Do you roll your eyes when you scroll past a picture of Hillary or Donald? Do you feel like you’ll go crazy if you have to listen to one more political rant? 

Well, there’s good news. The countdown is on. Next Tuesday, we will cast the final vote for the next President of the United States of America. 

Unless you’ve already been to the polls. 

The newest trend in politics is voting early. 

We have had absentee voting, but now people go to their town halls and not only register to vote, but can cast their ballot right there in the hallway. 


For those of you who have cast your ballot before November 8th, why? I guess I can understand if you’re expecting a baby around that time, or will be out of town, but why do it when you could go to the polls with the other 1,000 voters to cast your ballot and be part of the madness? 

My concern is what if something happened days before the election that might change someone’s mind. Remember when George W. Bush was running and they found a drunk driving conviction from 30 plus years before? It changed a few votes. 

Once the ballot is cast, there are no re-dos and no do overs. It’s a one and done thing. 

The election season started over a year ago, much sooner than usual. So we’ve had more time to argue, disagree and complain about politics. Perhaps there should be a limit on how soon a candidate can start his campaign. Deal with what we have in office until six or eight months before the election or even January 1st of the year of the election. We’ve had entirely too much time to let this drag on. 

The other concern is that politics has been driving a wedge between neighbors, friends and families. A “no” on referendum question three could cause a fight or at least an argument. It’s time to take a step back, do our civic duty and get back to every day life. The push and pull of government will still be there, but at least you might be able to still say “hello” to your neighbor. 

See you at the polls.

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