Friday, November 4, 2016

Dear Editor - From The Honorable Kerri L. Bickford (Prescott)

Dear Editor,

I served six years in the Maine House of Representatives from 2006-2012. In that time, four of the years were with the Honorable Susan Austin. Honorable is definitely a word that describes Sue, in every aspect of her life…as a legislator, a grandmother, wife, mother and friend.  

We both were members of the Republican Caucus, we served on the same committee for 4 years (Business, Research and Economic Development), and even sat in the same row in the House Chamber. In that time, I had a mentor that from day one showed me how to serve with grace, integrity, honesty and a deep commitment to our constituents and the State of Maine. Sue was always the one who poured countless hours into her constituent service; writing letters, providing sentiments to recognize her district as well as introducing legislation to better meet the needs of Maine people. I am deeply honored to call her my colleague and friend.

Since our time in the legislature, I have continued to work with Sue on a myriad of issues that affect our citizens. Sue always listens, educates herself thoroughly on legislation, and provides a well-respected voice in the Maine House that reaches both sides of the aisle. Having someone who continues to serve with the knowledge, experience and overall commitment that Sue possesses is to be commended, and I couldn’t think of a better candidate to continue to represent the people of District 67, Portions of Gray, Raymond, Casco and all of Frye Island.

The Honorable Kerri L. Bickford (Prescott)
Topsham, Maine

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