Friday, November 4, 2016

Dear Editor - From Diane Shively, Raymond

Dear Editor, 

Sue Austin is running for a second term as Maine State Representative for District 67; parts of Gray, Casco, Raymond, and of Frye Island. Sue brings a wealth of experience with her. She has been active for many years in fighting Maine’s drug problem, starting with the Maine State “Hooked on Fishing Not Drugs,” which started in 1998 and continuing most recently with the Lake Region Substance Abuse Coalition. As state representative for Gray during 2002-2010, Sue was instrumental in bringing about the Rt. 26A bypass, and during this current legislative session, she maintains oversight of the redesigned Maine Turnpike Exit 63. 

 Rep. Sue Austin remains deeply connected to her communities. She served on the MSAD 15 school board for five terms. Sue continues to be active in local environmental, conservation, wildlife, youth, senior, church, and family organizations and programs. 

Her family has been in Maine for five generations; she is a mother and grandmother; she has worked in a number of large, local businesses over many years, including University of Maine and St. Mary’s Hospital.

Sue strives to stay in communication and to hear the needs of the people she represents. A vote for Rep. Sue Austin is a vote for your voice to be heard in Augusta.

Diane Shively, Raymond ME, district 67

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