Friday, November 18, 2016

Dear Editor - from Fred Collins

Dear Editor, 

To the readers of The Windham Eagle. Since I now have more time for thought and no longer punch a clock, I have found the realm of solitude. 

Most rewarding. (A time to engage in self.)

It seems like out of nowhere there’s a blue bird on our shoulder, reminding us we are not alone, but there are many travelers on the same highway of life. 

(Solitude is akin to inspiration.)

The mind is open to a world that the busy traveler seldom sees. It is said that folks in the field of chemistry that solve complicated formulas, that many of their solutions were discovered in the “solitude” of their bedrooms in the wee house of the morning. They would rush to the laboratory and put their thoughts to work. 

Years ago in my productive years, I felt my faith spoke to me in the solitude of my working truck as I traveled to my job sites. Since I worked alone I envisioned Christ was in the passenger seat behind me, and gave me instructions on the prospects for the day.

(Of course one must have a listening ear.) I believe one should include a spot in one’s day for solitude, it may renew your being!

It can make like worth living!

Submitted by,
Longtime citizen,
Fred Collins

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