Friday, November 4, 2016

Dear Editor - From Rachel Lyn Rumson

Dear Editor,

People are mad as hell. I am one of them. We are all nickel-ed-and-dime-ed twelve ways to Sunday. The election process, at least at the national level, has become a spectacular media production.
There is a growing feeling in our community, and around the nation, that a few people with a lot of power, both political and economic, would rather we be at each other’s throats, than working together for the greater good. 

These few would rather we stay anxious and angry, dependent and ignorant, because that way were are easier to control.

For 35 years, bipartisan policies have decimated our communities through globalization and debt. We have seen the production economy give way to the consumer economy and lower quality goods. Career politicians doing little to represent “we the people”. Our economy grows most when we are sick, at war or in jail.

That was a turning point?

For me, it was when I decided to turn my care and attention to local economics, local people and the local environment. I am running for the Maine House of Representatives because I want to be of service in this regard. This is one way to be. 

We need strong states in these tying times. We need leadership that can relate. Maine can lead the nation in policy that develops the local economy, engages our youth in relevant education, and takes a longer view on the environment. These are turbulent times, let's get creative together.

Rachel Lyn Rumson
Candidate for State Representative

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