Friday, November 11, 2016

Dear Editor - From Fred Collins

Dear Editor,

To our caring readers, sometime ago I was asked if I would say a few words at one of my old hometown schools about what it was like growing up in Windham in depression times and through the war years as a kid. Also, what I thought made “our country” the envy of the free world. 

If I were to frame one word that has made our USA outstanding, I believe it would be caring. It starts in the home and expands through the villages and towns, that’s how I feel as I look back through the years. As we view the last few years our representatives from our communities have lost control of the people’s rights! Then it spreads like wild fire into big government! (Is this what our future populous want to endure?).

“We have become a fractured nation.” We the people have lost the will to work as a team! A nation divided is doomed to failure. Do we deserve to set ourselves on a hill when we have so many of our people go to bed hungry?

One, I believe is our greatest disparities. We have instituted mandates to pay our food growers (not to use some of their land to grow food). I believe it is to control the price of food. But yet, we import food from third world countries that overlook human rights. It seems the only one that benefits from this arrangement is the middle man. 

Wouldn’t it be more productive to produce more food in the USA and feed the hungry and the holes? Those that live under bridges and subways. (Build tractors, big wells for those in the third world countries so they can grow their own food.)

“A full belly has little desire to fight.”  It is said that some of our teachers put food in their student’s backpacks on Friday so they will have something to eat on the weekends. How sad that we fail to take care of our own!

Submitted by,
Citizen Fred Collins
Fought in two World Wars

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