Friday, April 8, 2016

Insight - When everyone wants to help - By Michelle Libby

On Monday two of our community members were in a terrible accident. In a freak accident, the SUV the woman was driving went off the bridge in Bath landing on a truck bed, upside down. They were both seriously injured. As word spread, people started reaching out to the family to ask what can be done to help. 
That’s one of the best things about living in Windham, when someone is hurting or in need, we rally around them to help. The Medina’s have been very involved in the community for many years. Every organization that she was a part of wants to help. Every friend and family member wants to be a part of taking care of the family. 

This is so commendable. The outpouring is huge at the outset. I heard one person call it survivor’s guilt. We want to help because we are sorry that it happened to them, but relieved it wasn’t us. No matter what causes it there are plenty of opportunities to help in the upcoming months. 

Something like this, as with a child with cancer or a parent with Alzheimer’s Disease, it’s not a one and done event. Something like this can go on for months with bills mounting, meal prep waning and the day to day struggle is still going on for the family involved. 

I see this when someone has a baby. There’s a lot of excitement over the newborn. Gifts for the 0-6 month sizes are in excess. When the baby out grows those in 10 days, what’s next? The parents realize that one day they don’t have any clothes for the baby. 

Let’s continue to pray for the families going through challenges. Reach out to those you’ve helped in the past and continue to be as giving and generous. That’s what makes us community.

April 6, 2016

The Medina Family wants to thank all of the friends, families and concerned Mainers who have reached out to them in the last two days after the accident that left Melissa and her son in serious condition at Maine Medical Center.
At this time the family is concentrating on the medical care and keeping things as regular as possible for the other Medina children. They ask for privacy at this time. Jason Medina will be updating his Facebook page occasionally to let their friends know how things are progressing.
With the outpouring of support, there is no way for him to answer all of the inquiries. Local organizations that the family is involved with are taking care of immediate needs for the family.
For those looking to help the family or would like to send notes of encouragement, please email The email will be monitored regularly.

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