Friday, April 15, 2016

Dear Editor - volunteerism - By Fred Collins

Dear Editor,

I must declare I’m not a political enthusiast but have marked the vote ballot since I got home from the wars. My vote has always been for the candidate that has shown merit and one that holds the “working citizen in high esteem!” One that believes our country is the home of the brave and a sanctuary for those that wish to live and earn their freedom. 

It’s a privilege to be able to live in a country that prides itself in being self-supporting. Those that have fallen on hard times must be willing to make themselves available to their towns and cities, to assist them in any way they can. Be a volunteer in the school system, highway maintenance, etcetera, while you draw subsistence that the working citizens provide. 

This will help our tax base and make our country strong. We must remember the men and women went to war to make America a place that welcomes! We all must pull the cart to make our home a place for the children’s future and a place to be proud of!

Stand up and be counted.
“To be an American citizen is a privilege.”

The American,
Fred Collins

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