Friday, April 15, 2016

Dear Editor - Painting a picture - From Fred Collins

Dear Editor,
Dear Readers, each day we have the opportunity to paint a picture. What kind of a picture will you paint? The world is worth more than a passing glance. The words relating to the building of a nation are deeply meaningful. The formation that has made our country, in fact the world, requires deep thought. 

You must ask yourself, how did this happen? Each town and village has a story to tell. Those aspirations of those that have gone before us, their desire to make their environment a better place for the future has made a better place to live.

Each time we bend over to pick up a piece of waste or refrain from tossing piece from the car. It doesn’t matter if it is Main Street or in the quiet forest, you can feel good that you care. If you have a piece of waste to throw away, put it in your pocket until you find a place.

Mother Nature will be proud of you.”

The American,
Fred Collins

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