Friday, April 29, 2016

Dear Editor - Kimball Family Association

The Kimball Family Association (Originated, incorporated and chartered in Maine) is holding a Maine Membership Drive, for all Maine Kimball’s. Your Kimball relatives living outside of Maine are welcome also. 

The Association is taking a records journey throughout Maine, searching and collecting Kimball Family Ancestry’s info on the way. If you have information regarding your ancestry, please share with me at or mail to KFA, PO Box 453, West Kennebunk, ME 04094. 

All persons of Kimball Ancestry are encouraged to join the community of the Kimball Association. This association originated in West Bethel, Maine by Elizabeth Mason Carter, and Elizabeth Kimball Watkins of Manchester, NH, in 1968.

Our reunion committee is looking to hold our 2017 reunion in Maine. The committee is already looking at the Poland Spring facility and seeking others potential affordable facilities in Maine. 

We want your membership and input to make this association an ongoing success for making new friendships and restoring old ones. 

1.      Association dues are $10 per year, with a breakdown of $7.50 to general fund and $2.50 to scholarship fund. The association awards at least two scholarships of $500 per year, if fund available.
2.      A Kimball ancestor that has been a member or dependent of a member for at least three years is eligible to apply for a scholarship award.
3.      Scholarships are available for college or trade school. In 2015, we awarded two college scholarships of $1,000 each. No entries were received for trade school awards in 2015. 

Please join us, by going to and click on membership app or mail request to KFA at the above address.  Or call Myra at 207-985-2662 and reference Kimball and I will mail out a membership form.

Myra Sparkowich
President, Kimball Family Association

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