Friday, April 8, 2016

Dear Editor, Rioters - From Fred Collins

Dear Editor,

One of our country’s handicaps that often raises its ugly head, are the “riots”. My questions, what causes these uncontrolled riots, property damage and deaths? It seems of late the municipal leaders as well as government point a disconcerting finger at our dedicated security for being too forceful. The point of contention is, “What do we do with rioters?” Locking these people in an 8’ by 10 cell behind bars does not contribute discipline, education in a way to becoming a better citizen. What is needed is a regimental form of discipline - beneficial to a controlled lifestyle. A “boot camp” that teaches tolerance and self control!

Once that is achieved we must open books to educate the mind. Many of our military bases have these facilities that may be utilized. Utilize these abandoned farms to grow food to sponsor this endeavor. (Teach various trades, carpentry, plumbing, accounting, etc.) Put these people to work to enrich America.
We have the unemployed with skills, as well as the welfare recipients drawing substance allowance that we can use as teaching instructors in the trades. These are in all of our United States! (This should be a mandate.)

We have boot camp for youths, why not rioters.

Submitted by,
Fred Collins
Fought in two World Wars
USMCR Retired.

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