Friday, April 1, 2016

Insight - Itching to get out there - By Michelle Libby

Are you ready? One moment the sun is out, we’re wearing short sleeved shirts and the next minute it’s snowing and freezing rain and our kids are home from school. I’ve been assured by many professionals that summer is coming. 

Open water fishing season opened two weeks early this year. Docks have already started going in on all lakes in the region. Last weekend, there were trucks and boat trailers at Raymond beach and Crescent Lake boat launch. Sights like that give me hope that summer is coming and we once again will abandon our sweaters and blankets to bask in the sun’s warm glow. We will float in the water and hear the laughter of children as they splash. 

Lawnmowers will be tuning up, getting ready for the acres of lawn they will mow as soon as the lawn grows. 

Our flowers are starting to poke through the ground and that little cut of green in the brown gardens gives me more hope that summer is coming. Every day someone posts a picture of their newly bloomed flowers. It was first my friends in New Jersey, then Connecticut and now one person from Windham posted a picture of her first crocus of the season. 

I’m starting to thumb through last year’s camping guides looking for some place fun to camp with the family or alone, if I have to. I’ve started planning family vacations and Scouting trips for my son’s troop. We live in Maine so we have to pack as much summer into the three months we have to give us enough memories to last all of next winter. 

My summer planning starts next weekend at the camping and RV show in Portland at the Portland Sports Complex on Warren Avenue. I can’t wait to see all that Maine has to offer and to walk through the new campers to see the latest in RV luxury. The fun is just beginning and I for one can’t wait. 

Although I might hold off on the swimming for a few more days.

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