Friday, April 15, 2016

Insight - Daring to dream - By Michelle Libby

I’ve mentioned before that I like to camp, get out of town, listen to the crackle of the campfire, roast some marshmallows and swim. When my husband and I first started camping together, he borrowed a tent from the Bates Outing Club and we borrowed his parent’s car. 
We tent camped for many years, adding mattresses and more comfortable accommodations. Then, when my children were little, we upgraded to a small pop up camper we pulled behind our minivan. Then, when the kids were bigger, we moved into another, bigger, pop up camper. I loved being off the ground, having a dry place to sit, we had some power and it felt safer. 

My dream was always to have an RV and travel around the country. I’m working on parts of that dream.
Last weekend at the RV and Camp Show in Portland, we got to witness some friends leave tent camping behind by purchasing their first pull-behind RV. It was exciting to see them walk from unit to unit looking for features they wanted, at the weight they could tow, at the price they could afford. 

My husband and I walked around looking at places to camp (we found some). At one point I checked my phone and I had a text. “We’ve putting down a deposit.” We excused ourselves and ran over to the unit. They were purchasing that exact trailer. We sat in it ohhhing and ahhhing over it. To be honest, I was beautiful with new everything and perfect colors. It is sure to change their camping experience for the better. 

A camping show like the one last weekend, gives people the chance to dream and set goals. From a small A-frame camper to a huge bus motorhome, visitors walked through looking at what they liked and what they didn’t care for. Budgets were squeezed and deals were made, but not for everyone. 

Like our friends, many families have to save up for a deposit on a camper. The goal this weekend was to visit the campers and campgrounds, but they knew they would be spending another year in a tent. 

Really it doesn’t matter what you camp in. I prefer a mattress now, while my son will sleep outside on a rock at the top of a mountain. Camping is what you make of it and what you’ll make are memories. Memories that will last a lifetime.

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