Friday, February 5, 2016

Insight - Gaining knowledge - By Michelle Libby

I like knowing things. I take pride in being the person people call to get information from hours a business is open to do I know what happened with an accident down the street. 
If I don’t know the answer to their question I will find out. 

When I was a Girl Scout leader I took a tremendous number of training's over my 15 years. I was like a sponge with the information. 

Since joining Boy Scouts with my son, I have been taking some training's, but this fall I jumped in with both feet taking Wood Badge, some of you may remember, it’s a six day training for all things Boy Scouts with outdoor training, cooking and teamwork.

Tuesday night I attended another training for Boy Scouts. This one will last until May. I’m taking the class with my husband and many of my Wood Badge class mates. We talked about trip planning and safety this week. There was a lot of information about preparing, products, but the part that struck me the most was the “Try new things” quote the instructor said and then repeated. 

“Try new things.” 

By taking this class purely for the experience is a commitment. This commitment will make the completion that much more meaningful. Over the next few months we will earn about everything from astronomy to snowshoeing, camping to biking. 

I’m excited to learn the outdoor activities that are geared more toward the spring and summer activities. And, since the groundhog said six more weeks until spring, I should be ready for my kayak trip soon. 

Trying new things is a good way to learn about the world and the new technology. Imagine if we said, “my flip phone is fine.” We would be missing out on the amazingness that is a smartphone. Try new things can apply to work, health, eating or an activity that you’ve been thinking about. Get out there and “just do it!”

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