Friday, February 19, 2016

Dear Editor, From The American, Fred Collins

Dear Editor,

We Americans need a lot of soul searching. Consider our circumstances. Why do we have long soup lines? Why are thousands of folks sleeping under bridges and in subways? We have no reason to support countries that disregard “civil rights” while these conditions prevail in America.  

We need America strong and morally straight. We need to demand that other countries do their share to protect their homelands! They must contribute to their own welfare not building warring equipment while their people starve! If we were to stop feeding the people, you would see them rise against those dictators. Then become a free nation!

Above all else we need a strong America, we must set above all else the ever growing danger from within! “Quote” the thief that strikes in the night. We must teach our youths the value of a dollar!

The credit card should be used only as a bookkeeping device. Not as a means of getting in debt, only to be used if the debt is paid in 30 days. (You will see prices drop 50 percent and you’re buying power rise 50 percent) Congress should be doing their job. Why the outrageous deficit nationally?

We need a small committee to control the spending, nationally as well as foreign. Let’s run this country like it is a real business. (Perhaps if we only thought of “pork” as something we put in the bean pot, instead as a means to swing a deal with the brother congressmen. We could eliminate much of the hunger that is prevalent in their country! We need to hold a tight rein on spending. This of course starts with us.  

We need a strong compassionate America. We need to sacrifice to make it so.  

The American,  
Fred Collins

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