Friday, February 19, 2016

Get a job! - By Jeff “Chief” Urbaniak

DEAR CHIEF: I graduated from college a year ago and can’t seem to find a job. I want to stay in the state of Maine because my family is here and my grandparents are aging and I want to be able to spend quality time with them before it’s too late. I look around for jobs but there’s nothing. I live at home with my parents so I don’t have to worry about rent or other bills. My parents even pay my cell phone bill for me. Any advice for me to get a job? COMFORTABLE AT HOME

DEAR COMFORTABLE AT HOME: It’s pretty nice of your parents to let you mooch off of them like that. But I have to ask you: Do you have spending money? Do you drive? If so, who pays for your car and gas? What do you do in all of your spare time?

Anyway, you indicated you’ve looked around for jobs and that there aren’t any, but when I scan the environment, I find there to be plenty of jobs in Maine.

On, there are 10,516 full time jobs, 3,046 part-time jobs, 584 temporary jobs, 459 contract jobs, 256 commission jobs, and 92 internships listed for various locations throughout Maine. Although you may not be qualified for some of those jobs, I’ll bet you’re qualified for many of them, regardless what college degree you have.

I suggest you stop relying on the comforts of home and get out there and start applying for jobs. Have qualified people help you put together a good résumé and strategically distribute it. If this tactic isn’t producing results for you, here’s what you can do considering you have a secure and free living situation with your parents: Be willing to work for free. Mark Twain told people frustrated with unemployment to do this. In fact, many successful people got their first jobs by being an apprentice. They’d tell potential employers: “I’ll work for you for free for two months. If you like me, hire me. If you don’t, let me go.” You’d be surprised how many employers would actually accept your offer to work for free. And you’d be amazed at how many employers would decide to keep you after the free trial is up because they realize how valuable you’ve become to them (if you’re putting forth a great effort every day that is).

Another way to get a job is to be less concerned about what it is. Jobs you find may not be what you want, but it’s a start. A lot of successful people started out as bus boys, cooks, taxi drivers, waitresses, office assistants, etc. In fact, many people came to this country with no money, no job, no ability to speak the language, and yet went on to create fortunes.

Opportunities exist. Find them. They don’t always come knocking on your door. Sometimes you have to go about opening up doors. There is work out there. Get out and be willing to do something and you’ll have your first job!

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