Friday, February 19, 2016

Dear Editor - By Amy E Madge, Wells

Dear Editor,

I just learned that Representative Drew Gattine (D-Westbrook) received AARPs 2015 Capital Caregiver Award.  There is no legislator more deserving of the award than Representative Gattine. It's difficult for me to thank him adequately for the work he has done for Maine’s 178,000 caregivers and their families in making the CARE Act and its three important provisions law. I was a caregiver to both of my late parents. I know first-hand the struggles, frustrations and all the other range of emotions that go with the job of caring for a loved one. The caregivers of today will benefit greatly from the increased communication and support required in the CARE Act. 

Representative Gattine’s leadership, sincerity and passion to help caregivers and their families in his own district and across Maine have produced fruitful results.

I thank him sincerely for his dedication to Maine’s caregivers.

Best, Amy E Madge, Wells 

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