Friday, February 12, 2016

Dear Editor – From Fred Collins

Patriots, February and March is a milestone in the history of the free world. Let us pause in remembrance for those that braved the unknown and for those that carry the weight of broken bodies.

We that once braved the hot metal of years ago bow in grateful thanks to those what sacrifice their lives and broken bodies, so we the citizens can still see the red, white and blue and be proud that she represents truth, justice and freedom!

Not only do we see her as a symbol of justice, but of compassion, lifting the downtrodden, rendering hope and light in a world that needs to find a rainbow! Those that fell in battle looking reverently and proudly at “Old Glory”, their last breath was that of their dear mother and the God that sustained them. That dedicated little island atoll in the Pacific called “Iwo Jima” became a symbol of freedom for the freedom loving world.

“Let us always be vigilant that no one threaten our hard fought for rights!”

Fred Collins

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