Friday, February 24, 2017

Insight: Who are they? By Lorraine Glowczak

There are many shortcomings with social media but there are advantages too. It can even be an opportunity for self-reflection if you let it. (I know, I know - I am stretching it a bit. But bear with me.)

The other day there was Facebook post on my personal page about a mansion in Maine that was left to disrepair. The discussion included the choices that were made in not keeping its history and beauty intact. I noticed a lot of responses were, “They should have done this.” Or “They should have done that.”

As I was reading the responses, I wondered too, why they, the people who made the faulty decision, let the mansion with so much history in its walls crumble to the ground. “What were they thinking,” I wondered?

Then I went a step further and thought about who “they” were. Then it dawned on me - “They” are me.

“They” are people who live a full and demanding life. Some of them have children who are sick, parents who are aging, work full time at a demanding job or are entrepreneurs. After a full day of doing what is necessary, “they” volunteer, squeezing in as much as possible at the end of the day, hoping to do their best to contribute to society in some way.

After I made this realization, I put down my stones.

Because in my new-found awareness, I know from my own volunteer experiences that “they” most likely did not make their decision lightly. I’m certain they did their research and discussed funding until they were blue in the face. And I’m confident that many of them were not celebrating the difficult decision they made - not only because they were deciding to let a historic relic fall, but they knew the criticism they would face.

I don’t know why we do that. Sit comfortably in our homes and judge others who are trying to do something the best way they know how. Does it mean they will always get it right? No. But “they” are trying.

Does that mean we must agree with them? No. But instead of throwing stones like I did, “we” need to be “they” and do the work required to get things done in the way we hope for and envision.

So, see?  Social media isn’t so bad. At least one stone was put down as a result of a Facebook conversation.

Lorraine Glowczak

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