Friday, February 3, 2017

Insight – Strength lies in differences By Lorraine Glowczak

Last week was an exceptional week as I met a multitude of amazing leaders within the Windham and Raymond communities.

My first opportunity was with the Windham Summerfest fundraising committee as we prepared for this year’s festival on Saturday, June 24. The five of us were able to accomplish the agenda items in less than an hour. This left time to introduce ourselves and get to know one other. As each remarkable woman shared her story, I was amazed at how each of us had so much in common. But what astonished me more, is that our individual career paths and approaches to leadership were distinctively unique; and yet, we worked so cohesively together, by each taking on a task that fit our personalities the best, dispersing the work required to raise funds successfully.

The second opportunity was my first attendance with the Sebago Lakes Chamber of Commerce business break. Here, I got to meet hard working and astonishing leaders whose common concern is the success of the individuals and businesses in the Windham-Raymond communities. These leaders and the work they do are phenomenal. And, yet again, each trailblazer makes their contributions in a way that speaks true to their personal nature and mission.

Finally, was my attendance at the fundraising event for the Brackely, Goad, Brink and King families initiated by the The Manchester Team of Keller Williams Realty. Last Saturday’s event was a pivotal moment in my appreciation for everyone who lives here and the surrounding area. The number of individuals who came out to help the families facing extraordinary difficult circumstances proved to me, that we are all called to be of service and are leaders in some way. (For details of this event, please read article on page 1)

Being a recent graduate of the Leadership and Organizational Studies program from the University of Southern Maine, the way we approach leadership and our individual contributions fascinate me. I am beginning to see more clearly, as I continue to learn more about the role of leadership that we each have a special gift in which we contribute to the whole. The diversity in our individual abilities to give and be of service is what, I am finding, contributes to our unified success.

Although I have always believed this to be true, I now know on a deeper level, that there simply is not one way to lead, to serve, to give. Our community is strengthened by its diversity. Our individual approaches and roles somehow work together to reach a common purpose - which is to create a successful community of individuals whose well-being we protect.

Renowned author and leadership expert, Stephen Covey, said it best; “Strength lies in differences. Not similarities.”

Good job, everyone! I am happy I landed here.

Lorraine Glowczak

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