Friday, February 17, 2017

Insight: Celebraing our expression by Lorraine Glowczak

For the past year or so I have been thinking a lot about my voice. Not in terms of singing or whether it is high, squeaky or low – but in terms of a writer and what I hope to convey to readers.

One doesn’t need to be a writer, however, to share their thoughts, hopes, dreams. Absolutely everyone has their own personal expression that creates a unique contribution to the world.

Not only do individuals have a voice but so do organizations such as newspapers. No matter where you look, you’ll find a newspaper or other media source that carries a specific objective that aligns to your own personal mission statement.

The Windham Eagle is no different. And yet, it is different, due to its unique purpose to the communities it serves and loves.

As a reminder - we are not your typical newspaper. We do not listen to emergency scanners and rush out to follow police and firefighters to “get the top story” with hopes to raise our ratings. We do not report on the latest political policy coming out of Washington D.C. nor do we express our personal opinions of such (and we do have an opinion or two here at the office).*

Why? Simply put: Because that is not our goal. The Windham Eagle’s mission is to be a positive and solution based news source for the Windham and Raymond communities. Instead of reporting on opiate use and how it is a problem here in Maine, we concentrate on the preventative measures and what the community is doing to solve that problem. Instead of reporting upon the tragedy of a car accident, we report on how a community comes together to help those in need as a result of misfortune.

It is our hope that you can sit down at your kitchen table on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and The Windham Eagle to relax while reading about something optimistic happening in your world. There are a lot of encouraging things happening out there and it rarely gets the attention it deserves. And that’s why we are here. That is our mission.

We are not ignoring the tragic realities that occur in the world every day, but we wish to provide a reprieve from the negativity that inundates us. Besides, there are plenty of news sources from which to get that kind of information. The Washington Post has its voice and mission as does the Portland Press Herald; and although we are a small community newspaper – we have ours and we are proud of it.

And best of all – it’s free!**

*Letters to the editor are always welcomed. The opinions in those letters do not represent the personal opinions of individuals who work at the newspaper or the newspaper itself.

**So when you see an ad in our paper, we hope you support that local company, restaurant or business.
Lorraine Glowczak

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