Friday, December 2, 2016

Insight - Personal enrichment - By Michelle Libby

This fall I decided to do something for myself. I don’t do that very often and finding three hours every Tuesday night, is not easy. I missed many sporting events, a few family dinners and wound up staying up late at night to get everything done. However, it has proven to be a wonderful challenge. 

I signed up for Varvara Harmon’s watercolor magic painting class, through Windham Raymond Adult Education. If you’ve never taken an adult ed class, you’re missing out. It’s more than high school completion or technical training classes.

Varvara Harmon is a successful painter in her own right. Her teaching style is to teach by showing us. We are not learning how to put paint on paper (300 pound paper), but to look for colors and shading in the pictures we are painting. Each class we learn a new technique and I’ve seen improvement in my paintings. They still look nothing like what she paints, but for me, I’m no longer the kindergartener struggling with my colors. 

Varvara has been teaching painting, water, acrylic and oils for adult education for many years. Her classes fill quickly and the students clamor to take the next semester. When I get to class, I set up and feel the stress start to melt away. Suddenly everything that was going on disappears as I concentrate on the project of the day. I will be signing up for the next watercolor class. Maybe I’ll see you there. Watch for the new course catalog and find your enrichment.

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