Friday, December 2, 2016

Dear Editor - From Briana Bizier

Dear Editor,

In the wake of the recent election, I’ve heard many pleas for our country to come together in support of president-elect Trump. I appreciate the need for healing after such a divisive and vitriolic election season, but I would also like to express my concerns about Mr. Trump.

During his campaign, Trump made several promises that frightened me. He promised to bring back torture, specifically the practice of waterboarding, which the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional. On Twitter, he wrote that he would support creating a “registry” of Muslims in this country, which violates our constitutional right to worship freely. 

While I support several of Mr. Trump’s other plans for his presidency, I fear the change he brings may involve the loss of rights granted in the founding documents of this country, and I feel this way because that is exactly what Mr. Trump said he would do as president.

I hope Mr. Trump is a successful president, because I am an American and I understand the success of our president is intrinsically tied to the success of our country. However, in order for our country to come together in support of our president-elect, we all need to feel safe. 

Mr. Trump and his supporters could go a long way toward building good will across blue and red states by promising to respect our constitutional rights, and to grant liberty and justice to all the diverse citizens of this union.

Briana Bizier

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