Friday, December 16, 2016

Dear Editor - From Concerned American Fred Collins

Dear Editor,

To whom it may concern, Having lived over nine decades, I am perplexed with the narrow mindedness of those that promote the use of marijuana as a recreational substance. 

Why are we so wrought up on the cure of drug users, when they promote their own demise? We need to destroy the source! It’s a killer crime! (The dictionary states “it’s a hemp, a poisonous drug.) (It can lead to extremely habit forming drugs that kill.) 

Is it possible to educate the public? 

There is a substance, that if discovered in time can revive an over dose: Are we the public supposed to pay their medical bills? This situation is like fanning a fire!

If you have no source, we have no fire. Kill the source!

If we promote the use of these drugs we have to pay for the cure. The liabilities that these drugs promote are extremely dangerous to the public. 

If we promote it, we sign a warrant for someone’s death.

Concerned American,
Fred Collins

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