Friday, December 16, 2016

Dear Editor - From The American Fred Collins

Dear Editor,

The following lines are a “Christmas gift” that keeps on giving the rest of your life! Throughout my lifetime I have seen miraculous accomplishments, as well as dismal failures. The following lines may help you avoid or contribute if you are willing to stand firm. 

These words will not cost you much, but they will make a better, fuller life for you. (Treat your body with respect, give it the ability to succeed.) It is very critical that each of your, boy or girl, concentrate on building your mind and bodies to the most capable proportion. 

Why am I warning you at this point in your life? (A strong mind and body builds self-esteem. What is self-esteem? It is the can do feeling! Without this ingredient your chances in the future are very dim! I have seen young men and women struggle to succeed but lacked confidence in themselves. You might say mind over matter. Build strong principles in your life, stand strong on them. You cannot inherit self-esteem. You must build it as you grow. )

Perhaps I can point to an example:
A long distant runner is tired near the end of the race, the runner lungs are burning, muscles screaming, one forces oneself to compete and complete the race. (The effort that you have made to prepare yourself for whatever walk of life will determine the outcome.) Do you have the self-esteem in yourself to complete your journey in life? You’ll find life demanding.

“Do you have the can do attitude?”

To be a winner you must have self-esteem!

The American
Fred Collins

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