Friday, August 5, 2016

Insight - The only hashtag #KindnessMatters - By Michelle Libby

When your family goes to work, do you worry about their safety? For a certain segment of the population that is a very big concern. Will my spouse come home for dinner? Will he every see his children again? The #BlackLivesMatter, #AllLivesMatter movements have taken things to a crazy level. What really matters?

To me it’s my family, my friends and those who are kind and supportive of my special people. I’m tired and I know a lot of other people are tired of one group or another claiming that they’re more important, that they deserve better treatment because they’ll cause trouble if they don’t get their way. How are adults acting any better than kindergarteners who don’t get their way and want to go tell the teacher or get back at the person? 

This may seem cut and dry, but if you do something against the law or something against someone else, you should be punished. Punished legally and fairly, of course. End of story. People who stand behind a hashtag are not helping a cause. They are dividing the country more. Whether it’s Dallas, Kansas City or Portland, Maine, rising up in hate against a group of people is wrong. 

In terms of what happened in Portland on Wednesday, the coward who felt it was okay to send an email and a Tweet, should be punished for creating a public scare. I have no doubt that he or she will be found and prosecuted. No matter how much you hate the police, they do not deserve to die for some perceived reason you made up in your head. 

Our country is going to come to a boil and when it does we all will need to duck and cover. It won’t be the terrorists who tear our country down, it will be our citizens. 

The alternative to all of this hate is kindness. Saying hello to someone or everyone in the grocery store, helping someone with a project, visiting with neighbors or sending a positive note of encouragement to someone having a difficult time are things that don’t cost much, but the rewards can be epic. Let’s create a tsunami of kindness, where one people does something and that person does something for someone, then so on and so on, until everyone is filled with happiness and love. It can happen. It should happen before something else takes place in our country that can’t be taken back. 


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