Friday, August 5, 2016

Dear Editor - By Rep. Mike McClellan

Dear Editor,

I am seeking reelection to the Maine House 66 seat that covers parts of Raymond, Casco and Poland. I have been honored and blessed to serve as the District 66 state representative and appreciate the past support from so many of you. In my time serving our communities a lot has changed, but I believe I have been consistent in my representing you and so I am asking for your vote this November!

Since moving a young family to Raymond, I have been involved in the life of the community through service for 30 years. This includes being elected as a selectman and a school board member. It also includes volunteering in our schools and on many Raymond committees. 

Having had two young children (Maggie and Pat) I was involved in coaching many of the sports they each played. 

Now as your representative in Augusta, I have tried to be attentive and consistent. I have worked to be available to each community in House 66 as needed and am in regular contact with all three town governments. I continue to be involved in the life of each community. My time in Augusta has seen me on the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee throughout my three terms. I also serve on the Government Oversight Committee. In the past my work included time on the Insurance and Financial Services Committee and on special committees like one looking at the Obamacare (ACA)idea and another looking at independent living for people with disabilities. 

In being reelected I will continue to support the work of bringing welfare reform to Maine, tax reform to Maine and I will continue to push for Maine Government to do the right thing in supporting more independence for our elderly, veterans and the disabled. One other area to tackle is trying to end education mandates that make no sense and stop our teachers from doing their best. Amazingly, some education lobby's in Augusta fight to keep these laws in place.

In closing, I am asking for your vote to reelect me. I look forward to seeing many of you in the next months as I travel through District 66. Please feel free to contact me or invite me to your event. Email me at or call 329-6148. Many of you know my signs promote local control, to that end I want to thank Kelly and the people at Time4Printing who have created my reelection materials. Thanks also to Alex Roy and Royal Technology for my campaign website It is great to work with neighbors who are local and work local!


Rep. Mike McClellan
Maine House 66
Parts Raymond, Casco and Poland
Joshua 24:15

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