Friday, August 26, 2016

Dear Editor - From Fred Collins

Dear Editor,

Freedom loving Americans. “The handwriting is on the wall!” We are the nuts and bolts of our country. We as a country must choose wisely! The future generations depend on the choice we make today. 

There are some who fail and resolve to hide those failures. Adversities have a tendency to “strengthen” if we use them as learning tools! We American’s must be aware of those that pass their failures to others and make excuses. Those that are prone to such a habit can be a “weak link” in America’s future endeavors. 

Who will be our future leaders? Does the media strive to tell the truth? We the everyday Joe must be aware of the truth. (Have we studied the rank cards of those in office? How else can we judge them?)
When we apply for a job the interviewer examines your past merits! What have you accomplished in the past? What are your goals? Does your past record shine a light on your future? 

Will the decision makers work as a team for the betterment of the whole? We as a team must strive to demand that our future have a firm foundation, just as we build our family unit. (To be strong we need complete unity in government for a healthy America.)

We the living must recall those that made the “supreme sacrifice” to make America and example of freedom and justice.

We must judge by merit. 

The American,
Fred Collins

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