Friday, August 5, 2016

Dear Editor - From Fred Collins

Dear Editor,

I’m sure we have experienced sleepless nights and in so doing have contemplated many facts of life. “This life we live is not a dress rehearsal!” The choice we make today have a great bearing on the outcome of tomorrow. What we say and do are structural! Are we building a cathedral or a dump?

Although we may think we are only one, and have no import in life, we are one of many. Are you willing to be the weak link in what life has to offer? Your life can be a shining star. The little boy that put his finger in the hole in the dam, and kept it from breaking, saved the town from flooding. Maybe that’s somewhat like how you live your life. Your actions and voice can be heard, it can make a difference. 

How we appear before our children or our classmates as a caring person. Are we making a blueprint for others to follow? Is this bridge that we build strong? There are many questions to be thought out. (Life is not a dress rehearsal.) One cannot bring back tomorrow. “The common every day Joe can be the cornerstone on which our country is built.”

We must choose our builders wisely. We the common persons must furnish the materials to build that bridge, to be built to last!

Submitted by,
The American Fred Collins

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