Friday, March 4, 2016

Insight - What is really best for our country? - By Michelle Libby

With the Maine caucuses this weekend, everyone will be asked, what is best for our country? Mainers will have the opportunity to vote for whom they want to see represent their party at the National Convention. Regardless of how a person votes, there are certain types of things we need to consider.
How have things gotten so out of hand? It seems that respect, courtesy and what’s best for all of our people, not the just the rich or the poor, but everyone no longer exists. Ads attack one side or the other. People have no problem bashing the other guy or the other guy’s candidate. 

I can’t think of a time when candidates have been so rude to one another on stage at a debate. When my children or other children see these adults acting unprofessional, yelling and interrupting one another, what message does this send? We wonder why children act up at school and don’t feel they have to respect authority…look at who we have to look up to. 

Saying that we’re packing up and moving to Canada if “x” candidate wins is not a rational threat. It’s nice of Cape Breton in Canada to welcome those who want to escape after the election. But, seriously…why not go to a tropical island somewhere where the weather is perfect 350 days out of the year and there’s enough surf and sun to take away all of your worries. At least have a threat you’d want to follow through with in November or January. 

A lot can happen between this weekend and November. I recommend that we all study the candidates and exercise our right as a citizen to share in the process, vote, be engaged and be aware of how your decisions effect all of us.

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