Friday, March 18, 2016

Dear Editor - Thank you from Loring family

We just want to say WOW! We are so overwhelmed by the amount of support our family has received from all of our family, friends, co-workers and everyone in the Windham community. We consider ourselves so fortunate to have all of you in our lives. We would like to thank everyone who had a part in putting together the amazing Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser that took place on Saturday, March 12th, everyone worked so hard for us. A special thanks to my sisters, Holly Rowe and Norma Jean Huntley, Mike’s sister Andrea Pollard, his mom Dianne Loring, and Kellie Sampson my huge hearted co-worker and friend, for organizing this entire event. Thanks to all of the cooks and kitchen helpers who served over 400 people that attended this event. You all are remarkable people. 

A huge thank you to all of the amazing donations for the silent auction, everyone has been unbelievably generous. 

Hunter has been put on so many prayer lists this year from people all over the US from Maine to California, and we have received so many emails from well-wishers, some even strangers reaching out with ideas about programs that might be helpful to Hunter. We just can’t thank you all enough. We really appreciate all of your ideas and genuine concern. 

We also would like to thank all of Hunter’s friends for coming to the hospital to spend time with him over the past two months. It made a big difference in his spirits. Thanks to those taking the time to get his car up and running, and a special thanks to Ross Elston and anyone else who took part in setting up a “Go Fund Me” account on Hunter’s behalf. That was so thoughtful of you and we deeply appreciate all your efforts. Thanks to all who have sent donations to this fund. 

We are hoping to use the funds raised to get Hunter to a specialized pain clinic where he can get the help he needs to free him from this horrible pain he is experiencing. Hunter came home Friday, March 11th, after an 8-week stay at Maine Medical Center, but could not physically come to the fundraiser. He has fifteen more days of radiation to get through, and after that he has assessments at the Boston’s Children Hospital Pain Program and The Cleveland Chronic Pain Clinic in Ohio. Getting him to these assessments will be a challenge with the amount of pain he continues to have when he tries, sitting, standing and walking, but we will figure it out and hopefully one of these programs will accept him into their program sooner rather than later. We never dreamed he would be in such pain once the tumors were removed. We are hoping that the road to fix the damage the tumors have caused will not be too rocky and will make us all that much stronger. It really is the worst thing to watch your child in so much pain. We will certainly be glad to put this chapter of our lives behind us.

Thank you again to everyone for your amazing support and generosity. We are going to have a lot of, “paying it forward” to do. 

Wendy and Mike Loring

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