Friday, March 11, 2016

Dear Editor - What is Bernie's Socialism? - By Tom Bergier

It’s all around us! Drive over a bridge, over plowed and repaired roads. Join the military. Enjoy your work free weekend. See your kids off to school. Pick up your mail. Be glad that Mom is getting her Social Security check.

All of these activities serve to put people to work. They strengthen our economy by putting dollars into the local businesses. And, guess what? They are all socialist activities! 

These activities are definitely not related to “communism” at all. This “socialism” is entirely different! Just one example: Your Mom’s Social Security enables the older folks to put money in the pockets of local business. Bernie’s Democratic Socialism is exactly what keeps the base of our economy alive.

I strongly believe that such socialism is what’s required to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. Our roads and schools need rebuilding, and we must put more people to work on such things. We lag behind Europe in transportation development. They have all of these high speed trains that can quietly and inexpensively take you five hundred miles away to visit or work somewhere in less than four hours. 

Democratic Socialism can be strengthened in part by eliminating the many tax shelters at home and abroad that so many businesses enjoy by giving super high incomes to the one percent of the super rich who do so very little for our local economy. It’s pretty sad to see these folks living abroad in super comfort while our neighbors live in poverty.

Please share this with friends and neighbors. Then get everyone out to vote in a very crucial election in November 2016.

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