Sunday, August 25, 2013

Insight - By Kelly Mank - The Windham Eagle celebrates 6 months!!!

Wow… 26 editions… We are 6 months old. I can’t believe how fast the last 6 months have gone. I personally have learned a lot about the publishing and newspaper world. I want to thank our amazing team, the town, the companies, and the residents for being huge supporters of this paper. I am super happy to see how positive and solutions-based news is not only wanted, but depended on. I feel like we have given our children something they can read and learn from, as well as given our community a tool to get information to our communities.

Now, don’t get me wrong… the last six months have not been a picnic. A lot of people drive by in the middle of the night on Wednesdays and see that our lights are still on, but we have made the absolute best of it. We do need to send a very special thank you to Lisa DeFosse for making the most amazing chocolate chip cookies and bringing them to us almost every week right out of the oven…amazing! Thank you Lisa, we could not have made it through without you!

I want to personally thank a few people who I would not have been about to do this without. Michelle Libby, our Editor-In-Chief, who has taken on a huge amount with this paper and I think does a fabulous job every week finding the news that people want to read about, and pulling everything together every Wednesday. Dave deBree has been our account manager since day number one with his long time newspaper experience and knowledge he has helped to make this the best paper around. Office manager Tiffanie Powers manages all accounts, helps renew ads, sources all phone calls, basically is the go-to person on everything. Michelle Edwards, graphic designer, makes our paper look professional, different, and a stand out for all of our partners, clients and the community at large.

Thank you to the Windham and Raymond communities for making The Windham Eagle the best paper around! We look forward to celebrating our 1-Year Anniversary with you!

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