Friday, August 9, 2013

Foodie Fare - S'mores - By Brian Rounds

As many of you know, I spend my summers at a summer camp on the western shores of Sebago. This being said, we need to talk about a very important part of camp cuisine…the S’more. This tasty, oey-goey morsel is synonymous with camping regardless whether it is sleep away camp or family camping – everyone loves a good S’more. Many of my most vivid family vacation memories include a campfire, a long, pointed stick, a marshmallow, two graham crackers and a square of Hershey’s chocolate. There are other S’more recipes to be had, though.

As I sat with a group of juniors near a campfire a few years back, the staff and I decided that it was high time that the campers learned a thing or two about making S’mores. Most of them already knew, but as staff members, it was our duty to show them our ways of making these delectable confections. We make sure to have three different candy bars on hand for S’mores – plain Hershey’s chocolate bar, Twix and Heath. All three are great on their own, but once they become part of a well toasted marshmallow sandwich, they transform into something almost cosmic.    

Our campers sat for almost forty-five minutes toasting marshmallows and squishing them between two graham crackers with candy bars. Pretty innocuous, right? Wrong – these things are addicting! There is something about the texture and flavor of this bite – crunchy, sticky, and goey and oh, so good. These kids not only knew how to toast marshmallows, but they knew the perfect balance of chocolate and graham cracker, too.

Fast forwarding to this year, my wife and I, after putting our fire pit out have started practicing our S’more making skills. We have our favorite ways just like the kids here at camp. I like my marshmallow to be well done – okay, let’s face it…blackened. She likes hers golden brown. The point here is that they can be customized which means S’more goodness for all involved.

To build one S’more:
2 squares of graham cracker
1 square Hershey’s Chocolate Bar
1 toasted (or blackend) marshmallow
Toast the marshmallow to perfection (however you like it, that is) place on a square of graham cracker. Top with chocolate and the other square of graham cracker – enjoy.

Other variations:
Replace chocolate with any chocolate bar:
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Heath Bar

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