Saturday, July 20, 2013

Foodie Fare By Brian Rounds

Something that you may not know about me is that I work at a summer camp. I teach art, printing and pottery, but I also assist the program director in scheduling and programming. I love my summer job just as much as I love my school job. Some of the greatest memories I have from camp are my days and nights off when I can spend time with my summer family -  the other staff members. Don’t get me wrong, as a foodie living and working at a summer camp, I’m fed well – our chef is from Uruguay and is absolutely amazing – the boys at my camp never starve, that’s for sure.  On my nights, off, however, I find myself driving into Windham (my camp is on the western shore of Sebago). My car tends to steer itself toward Rose’s Italian Restaurant. Everyone at camp loves Rose’s – thanks to my recommendation.

Just recently, I had a day of and a night off where I ended up at Rose’s. The first night I was with three other guys from camp and we were excited to eat a meal not governed by the schedule. I ordered pizza – the Rose’s loaded minus the bell peppers.  When my pizza came, it was steaming hot straight from their brick oven (the only one in town).  I dove in and enjoyed. The toppings were perfectly balanced and the crust was done just right with a hint of smoke from the roaring fire. There is just something about Rose’s pizza that can’t be beat.

The second visit to Rose’s found me with a close friend from camp. We were there for lunch. I ordered the steak and chicken tips combo with fries and a side of their delectable marinara sauce. The steak and chicken tips were cooked to perfection and were super juicy. The fries were golden and crisp. I could probably sit and eat their marinara with a spoon if I really wanted to, but it was a great accompaniment for the tips.  Yum!

On both visits, I got the same server, who was prompt and on top of things.  Each visit also afforded me a salad which is pre-made and topped with Rose’s own Italian vinaigrette which, when I close my eyes, brings me back to my grandmother’s salad – there is nothing wrong with a little spark in memory when eating. In visits past, I have even ordered dessert at Rose’s. They have a decent selection, but who needs anything else when tiramisu is on the menu?

Must haves:
Steak Tips
Chicken Tips

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