Friday, October 26, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

My wife and I lived in Gray from 1994-2010. At that time, we became aware of and met Anne Gass on several occasions. We learned of her civic involvement with many projects especially the development of the Libby Hill Recreational Area. She worked tirelessly for that wonderful addition to Gray’s recreational opportunities.  But also during this time, and in subsequent years, Anne’s activism motivated  her to volunteer her services on the Gray Comprehensive Plan, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the School Board, and the Community and Economic Development  Committee, a record of unmatched leadership and effectiveness.

In 2017 we returned to Gray and learned of Anne’s Independent candidacy for District 67 of the Maine House of Representatives. A better candidate would be hard to find, and having worked with Anne on this endeavor, I have experienced first- hand her strength, courage, dedication, determination, and inherent work ethic. As an example, this summer on a brief vacation, Anne and her husband Rick, climbed through many miles of very difficult terrain (some hand over hand) in the Slovenian Alps. An amazing accomplishment!

Anne’s excellent character is beyond question and I have no doubt that she will be an outstanding representative for the voters of Casco, Frye Island, Gray, and Raymond.
Please vote for Anne on November 6.

Philip R. Ohman
Gray, Maine  

Dear Editor,

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jennie Butler since I was 11 years old. I first met her as my sister's math teacher when I was in fifth grade, and we continued to get to know her and her family over the next several years.

I have worked with Jennie on multiple different occasions, the first of which was her taking time out of her regular life to give me a private class during the summer between my seventh and eighth grade years, so I could get into the advanced math class at Windham Middle School. Her willingness to take that time out of her life has put me on a different life path, and I know that I am not the only one to have experienced this.

Later, in multiple years in my high school career, Jennie has been there to help me through classes and even just rough times in my life. I know full well that I am not the only student of hers to experience this. My sister is still seeing the effects of Jennie’s teaching far into her college years.

In addition to having the experience of interacting with Jennie as a tutor and a teacher, I have also seen her as an active member of the Windham community. For years she has been a supporter of the Windham Chamber Singers and the school’s theater program, showing her support for students. I’ve seen her time and again show her support for Windham High School and local businesses, and I have seen her dedication to this community both as a teacher, and a friend.

Jennie will be an astounding advocate for students in our state, at all levels including post-secondary. She cares deeply about her students, her friends, and her community as a whole, which makes her a perfect candidate for the Maine Legislature as our representative.

Samuel H. Nemeroff

Dear Editor,

Sue Austin is what we need in Augusta.

I had the honor and opportunity to serve with Representative Susan Austin for four years in the Maine State Legislature (2006-2010). During that time, not only did Sue serve as a mentor for me in the first few years of service, but she became a dear friend. I have watched her commitment to her constituents, by the countless hours she personally responds to emails and phone calls, to writing informational articles, speaking on the house floor or attending numerous events in her district. Sue is committed to her job as a legislator.

Augusta has become extremely partisan, and that isn’t helping Maine. I know that Sue can work with everyone when it comes to getting things done. She is a genuine, respected and intelligent public servant who has vast experience in the Maine House. A vote for Sue Austin on November 6 is definitely what Maine needs right now. Please send Representative Austin back to Augusta for District 67 and let her continue the great work she has accomplished. She won’t let you down!

Kerri Bickford

Dear Editor,

Sue Austin, who represents House District #67 covering parts of Casco, Gray, Raymond and all of Frye Island, the lady of many hats, the lady with panache, is the lady I support to continue her excellent work on behalf of her constituents. 

Sue has been and will continue to be dedicated to fiscal conservatism and ways to ensure the best for Maine residents, not out-of-state interests that seek to impose, through the referendum process, extreme liberal values for Mainers to live under. 

Sue goes out of her way to listen to and respond to questions and concerns anyone may have so on November 6, please join me in voting for Sue Austin or, if you reside in District 66, for Greg Foster.

Alice Darlington
South Casco

Dear Editor,

I am writing to endorse the re-election of State Representative Jessica Fay in Maine House District 66. As a local business owner, and a resident of Casco, I have found Jessica to be what we wish every one of our elected officials would be, and that is attentive, knowledgeable and a tireless worker.

Working within an industry that services elders, I am aware of the demographic tsunami of older residents heading our way, and the types of services they will require. I am also aware of the need to re-think our communities in order to accommodate people’s interest in aging ‘in-place’, preferably in their own homes. Jessica also recognize this issue and has taken a leading role in the initiation of local efforts to advise communities within this District on the needs and wants of our elder residents.
During my interactions with Representative Fay, Jessica has never asked me if I affiliate with one party or the other, but instead asks “How can I help?” I have found her counsel, wisdom and knowledge of the legislative process to be both informative and helpful. Further, she follows up by periodically contacting me to ask how I am progressing on whatever issue I raised with her.

In short, I have found Jessica Fay to be an extraordinary elected official and urge my fellow District 66 residents to join me in ensuring her continued role within the legislature.
Peter Gartland
President, First Light Home Care   

Dear Editor and Windham Residents,

Election day is almost here, and I cannot wait to re-elect DENNIS WELCH to Windham Town Council’s at-large seat!

Having worked with Dennis over the past year, he’s consistently been respectful towards other council members and our residents despite flared tempers and complicated situations. He listens, weighs both sides, shares his knowledge, and makes an informed decision.

Dennis was the former President of the local chapter’s National Correctional Employees Union, is a member of the Maine Municipal Association (MMA) Legislative Policy Committee, was appointed to the Maine Labor Relations Board and has served on Windham’s Finance Committee for three years.

Dennis has the knowledge, experience, and temperament Windham desperately needs to move forward! Let’s keep the momentum going!! I pray you join me in re-electing Dennis Welch on Nov 6th!

Rebecca Cummings

Dear Editor,

Sue Austin is the right choice for House District 67. I grew up in Gray-New Gloucester and Sue was one of the first politicians I met when I got involved in politics while in high school. She has served her constituents in Casco, Frye Island, Gray, and Raymond well and I know she will continue to do so during the 2019-2020 legislative session.

Sue has sponsored or cosponsored a lot of legislation that will have a positive impact on Mainers including an act to establish a statewide sexual assault forensic examination kit tracking system, an act to support the evaluation of opioid diversion efforts, an act to restore the trip credit to Maine employees, and an act to allow hemp growers to grow hemp from clones and to grow hemp indoors. 

Sue works for the people of the 67th House district, and she has proven that over and over again in Augusta by voting in the people’s best interest, not the interests of big business.

I strongly encourage everyone to get out and vote for Sue Austin on November 6th or vote absentee before November 1st if you will be unable to get to the polls on Election Day. Let’s be sure the 67th district has a voice in Augusta!  

Believe in Sue, Believe in Maine!
Katherine Slye

Dear Windham friends and neighbors,

I am writing to ask for your support in re-electing my husband, Patrick Corey, as State Representative for District 25.

Patrick has served as our State Rep. for the past four years. He has successfully garnered bi-partisan support for many of his bills proving his ability to collaborate and work “across the aisle”.

This cooperation is so desperately needed in order to get work done for his constituents. One example of this is LD 1708 which would allow qualifying Medicaid recipients to hire relatives to care for them. Oftentimes, a close relative must leave the workforce to care for a sick or disabled family member – this bill would alleviate at least some financial burden to a family.

He also voted to protect minor girls by voting to criminalize female genital mutilation, making it a Class-B felony to perform the procedure on minors and allow those who consented to the act to face charges. Sadly, Maine has been identified as one of the eight high risks areas in the country. Patrick also supports laws that protect women who are victims of human trafficking.  

Patrick has the compassion, thoughtfulness, and leadership needed for success in this position. He has legislative experience that will allow him to get to work for you on day one. I encourage you all to re-elect Patrick Corey as State Representative.

Sheila Corey

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to express my support for Jennie Butler, candidate for Windham’s House District 25.
I have known Jennie for many years and in many capacities - math teacher, skier, and fellow community member. As my teacher, she brought a level of commitment and compassion to the classroom that allowed all student's opportunities for success. Jennie’s enthusiasm and hard work in all that she does as an active member of our community are unwavering. I know that Jennie will bring these qualities with her to the State House and represent the needs of House District 25 professionally, passionately, and effectively.

Jennie cares for the wellbeing and success of her students and I know she will do the same for her constituents. If you live in House District 25 please join me and many others in supporting Jennie Butler this November!

Marissa LaGassey

Dear Editor,

Jess Fay equals democracy in action! Have you met our State Rep yet?  Jess listens to voters, holding office hours in each town she represents; she also goes door to door to hear firsthand what's on the minds of people who live in the towns she serves.

As a freshman representative, Jess brought forward three pieces of legislation suggested to her by voters. All three gained bipartisan support and were signed into law. Check out her positions on educating and retaining Maine’s workforce, planning for our aging population, and broadband internet access.

Jess is unflappable. She designed the flowers for my wedding and was completely unfazed by my bridesmaids’ dresses: a futuristic metallic pink, a bright floral print, and a solid cobalt blue. Our gorgeous bouquets complemented everyone’s dress. Creative problem solving is just part of who Jess Fay is and how she approaches everything that comes her way.

Amy Kimball

Dear Editor,

We are writing to support Jennie Butler for House District 25. We have known Jennie for many years through her work as a teacher in the Windham Schools, and as a supporter of the Windham Ski Team. Our son Max was one of the first students to join the Windham Ski Team, and Jennie was a volunteer who helped make the team a reality.

When our daughter Marta became the ski coach, Jennie was a tireless volunteer and supporter of the team. Additionally, we are excited to support a candidate who is endorsed by the Sierra Club. We need representatives who will take climate change seriously and help Maine become a leader in environmental protection. Please join us in supporting Jennie Butler for House District 25.

Helen and Sparky Hurgin

Dear Editor,

Rep. Sue Austin has done excellent work in Augusta for her many constituents. Sue is honest, hardworking, caring and sincere. Whenever I’ve had a question or concern, she has provided answers. With her many years’ experience at all levels of leadership – school board, town council and Maine Legislature – Sue knows how to work with others for common-sense solutions. Sue has accomplished meaningful change for working families by fighting to lower taxes, create jobs and grow our Maine businesses. At a time of increasingly uncivil politics, Rep. Sue Austin sets the bar for exemplary public service. I ask you to join me in supporting Sue Austin for State Representative on November 6th.

Greg Cook

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