Friday, October 19, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Voting is a right given to citizens in the U.S. 18 years and older. While it’s been a few years since I voted in my first election, the novelty hasn’t worn off. This election season, AARP has launched a campaign to “Be the Difference,” encouraging us older Americans to get out and vote. It is a non-partisan effort to encourage all voters to get informed on the candidates and choose who will best represent them in office, and then show up on November 6 to cast their votes.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out recently that older voters in Maine have a proud tradition of casting their ballots. In 2014, 68 percent of Mainers age 50-59 cast their votes; nationally voter turnout was less than 36 percent. 

This is vitally important as many issues are up for debate after the next election. The fate of Medicare and Social Security will be decided by the next government. Programs that many seniors rely on to survive may be at risk.

Every year, more and more of the population joins the 50+ club. We are living longer than ever before. We show up to the polls when it counts. The older Maine voter is a force not to be underestimated.

John LaPlante
Dear Editor,

Do you follow the Windham Town Council? If you do, you know that Dennis Welch works hard on behalf of the citizens of our town. You also know that Dennis is always respectful to his fellow town councilors, to town staff, to other town committees and to citizens who choose to attend and speak at council meetings.

I have never seen Dennis exhibit a superior attitude or talk down to others. Dennis is a model of the civility that we need from our elected officials at all levels of government.

I hope that you will join me in voting for Dennis Welch for Windham Town Council on November 6.

Gary Plummer
Dear Editor,

Fall is here, the political signs are out, and we are soon to vote in the next national/local cycle. Sadly, the two political parties have become polar, there does not seem to be much choice so voters can only go one way or the other.

Given the recent issues we have seen nationally, I ask Raymond voters to send a clear message on election day and vote Republican. We all like our own local candidates but this election seems to be about one side continuing to grow every aspect of our economy or the other side trying to stop that amazing growth simply because they don't like the person who succeeded at it. Consider the amazing numbers in job growth, minority advancement, business success and so many other areas of our society. Haven't read much about that? Try googling the recent accomplishments and see for yourself. And, yes, while Washington seems so far away, it all intersects.

The recent Supreme Court process should send chills through the bones of anyone who is a volunteer, an elected local official, an educator, a police officer, someone in the military, a first responder, or simply a parent-grandparent. Will a political party attack you or your loved one next? I urge you all to send a clear message that we are a country of laws. There is a need for multi parties to give us choice; send a clear message to the party who has fallen away - vote Republican.

Mike McClellan

Dear Editor,

Anne Gass will be an effective representative for District 67. She has raised her family in this area for over 30 years.  She has served on a variety of civic organizations. She is committed to growing the community through support of local schools and local businesses. She has ideas for improving government services and supporting tax reforms that are reasonable and fair. Her most important quality is that she takes the time to listen to others and to respond to their concerns. She will give the citizens of District 67 an active voice in the legislature.  

Will H. Burrow

Dear Editor,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter on behalf of our Democratic State Representative, Mr. Mark Bryant.

Mark is a man of integrity and works tirelessly for his constituents.   

My family and I have known Mark for more than twenty years and ask that you get out there and vote for Mark this November.

Ron C. Booth

Dear Editor,

Patrick Corey will have my vote November 6. I have known him for many years and have been impressed by his approachability, keen intelligence and common sense. He is dedicated to his community. His 100% voting record shows his commitment to Windham's people. His respectfulness to his peers in the Legislature and his willingness to work with and listen to them and to learn all that he can to make the best decisions are impressive. Patrick is well positioned to put his knowledge to work for Windham. His committee experience, ability to get bills through the Legislative process and advocate for his constituents is extremely valuable. I encourage others to support him.

Liz Wisecup

Dear Editor,

I have known State Representative Jessica Fay in a variety of capacities over the years. I am pleased to be one of her constituents in the parts of Casco, Poland, and Raymond (my town) she represents, and to support her re-election to our State Legislature.

Repeatedly, I have found Jessica to be a detailed-oriented, extremely competent representative with a unique ability to have a rapport with people of all ages and opinions. Jessica, with her bills addressing Septic Waste Watercraft, Boat Noise, and Domestic and Sexual Abuse has proven her ability to work for our welfare across the aisle and here at home.

Please re-elect Jessica Fay. I sincerely believe it is very important that with her form of bipartisanship she returns to the legislature to represent us all. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Col Bob Akins, USMC, Retired

Dear Editor,

On November 6, I will be voting to reelect Jessica Faye as State Representative serving Casco, Poland, and Raymond. Jess has been doing a good job representing her local constituents.

I've contacted Jess several times in the past few years. She has always responded with interest and followed up on my concerns. I find her to be thoughtful, intelligent, and professional.

Jessica Fay is the kind of Representative we need, and I urge you to give her your support on Voting Day.

David H. Brown
Dear Editor,
I’ve known Jennie Butler for many years and she has my support! I have come to respect Jennie as a person who gets things done, is willing to listen to both sides and work for a common good, and especially as a compassionate and caring member of our community.

I believe that Jennie will work hard for things like improved access to healthcare and care for the elderly and sick, protecting our environment for future generations and quality education for all Mainers. Jennie will support these priorities while at the same time recognizing that a fiscally responsible approach is necessary if we are all to do well together.

So, if you are in Maine House District 25, join the many citizens and groups who support her and vote for Jennie Butler, State Representative. 

Bill Keller

 Dear Editor and readers

I am writing to ask for your support for Sue Austin for Maine House District #67, which includes portions of Gray, Raymond, Casco and all of Frye Island.

As a lifelong resident of the Town of Gray, Sue has been deeply involved in her community. Sue has served her community in many ways such as Ambassador of the Gray-New Gloucester Optimist Club to Director for the Crystal Lake USO Ice Fishing Derby. Sue is a supporter and past participant in both the Patriot 5K Race and Libby Hill 5K Trail Run. Sue has also served on MSAD 15 School Board, the Gray Town Council, as well as the House of Representatives in Augusta. Sue knows the issues, local, state and federal; she gets her work done.

Sue's energy level and commitment are amazing. It is no wonder she was appointed by Governor King to serve as Gray’s Representative on the Pineland Conversion Committee. Heck, Sue has even worked at Mardens!  

It is clear to see that Sue has the wonderful ability to work in a positive manner, and truly brings about that in others. Sue is a problem solver, who brings people together.
In the political environment we have today, I believe Sue remains the perfect fit for the job. Sue has a very fair minded and balanced approach. Sue has proven herself to be dedicated, thoughtful, kind, and caring. As the Representative in Augusta for District #67, Sue has also shown herself to be a hard worker for her constituents, and for all Mainer's. 

A vote for Sue is good for the community and good for the state. FMI visit Sue's web page at

In closing, I encourage voters in District 67 to vote for Sue Austin.

Thank you for your time,
Ann-Marie Grenier

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