Friday, October 12, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor's note: The following letters to the Editor are printed in the order they were received.

Dear Editor,

I would like to cast my endorsement for Anne B. Gass of Gray, as an independent candidate for the Maine House of Representatives, District 67. 

Anne and I have known each other since we both served on the Board of the Gray Community Endowment. I have found her to be honest, forward thinking and willing to listen to everyone she encounters whether they agree with her or not.

I have long been troubled by the indifference of our current legislature to the wishes of the people and I am convinced that Anne would be a strong advocate for our schools, for land conservation and water quality protection for our lakes plus, as a small business owner, would be proactive in attracting small businesses and helping them stay in Maine. 

We need Anne to help move our state forward and I urge you to join with me in voting “Yes” for Anne Gass in November.

Natalie Blake

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter as my unreserved support for the candidacy of Gregory Foster for Maine House District 66. I believe that he possesses the qualities of a good leader with sound judgement.
I have known Greg for many years. He not only believes in the importance of Maine traditions but also in preserving our valued way of life.  I believe that as a Representative that he would represent the district with great honor, ensuring that the people’s interest would be properly represented and protected.  

Greg has the initiative and dedication to make a significant difference to the progress of the region.

Tammy (Townsend) Brown

 Dear Editor,

This letter is to urge people to vote for the re-election of Representative Patrick Corey.
I brought a concern of personal interest to him before his initial election to office.  Soon after his election, he got to work on that issue, diligently researched, and tirelessly pursued a bill which ultimately changed a law in the Maine State Retirement System.

It was a change that was viewed as fair and passed unanimously in both the House of Representatives and the Senate and was supported by the Maine State Retirement System as well.
This change affected not only me but hundreds of other people who found themselves in the same situation as myself regarding divorce and retirement benefits.

I am proud of being a part of Representative Corey's first bill and I thank him for his listening, consultation, fair-mindedness, and perseverance to bring about necessary changes.  He is an honorable man who truly represents the interests of his constituents.

Please vote for Representative Patrick Corey on November 6th.

Sharon Skolfield Bickford

 Dear Editor,

I’m writing in support of Jennie Butler for Maine State Representative for Windham House District 25.

Jennie has the education and experience to be an excellent Legislator. She has the ability to listen to and work with people with various viewpoints. As a math teacher at Windham High School and at the University of Southern Maine, she has the skills to understand a problem and assess solutions. She can listen to and communicate with many people.  

Jennie’s life experience as a wife, mother, daughter supporting a parent at home, church member, teacher and coach has given her insights into how our community does and doesn’t support our members. Her work in organizations such as Scouting, Windham Recreation Advisory Committee and Windham Athletic Boosters shows her ethic of service as well as her ability to work with others to get things done.

I encourage everyone to join me in voting for Jennie Butler in November.

Jane Pringle

 Dear Editor and district 24 residents,

Anyone who’s kept current with local issues realizes the importance of an active and informed citizenry. Of equal importance is having a representative who’s lived amongst their constituents for decades and knows firsthand the issues locals discuss most around the farm table or sideline.

Windham needs a representative that grew up here, raised a family here and has worked on committees and boards that effect positive change for residents. That’s why I pray you join me in voting Tom Tyler as District 24 State Representative on November 6th.

Tom not only served as Windham’s Deputy Fire Chief for over 20 years, he was a member of the Windham Economic Development Council (WEDC) and served on the Public Safety Building Committee. Tom is a proud lifetime member of Cumberland Farmers Club and is on the Board of Directors Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine & SAM-ILA.

Tom has vowed to fight for our large veteran population, find affordable healthcare options for all, honor our outdoor heritage and 2nd amendment rights, support Maine’s farming, fishing and forestry industries, and ensure job creation and small business growth for Windham.

We need Tom Tyler’s proven leadership in Augusta so Windham can flourish for decades to come.
Let’s send Tom Tyler to Augusta and “continue to make Maine the way life should be!”

Rebecca Cummings
Windham Town Council/East District

Dear Editor and district 25 residents,

We need a strong bipartisan leader, like Patrick Corey, in Augusta that will keep the focus on the economic, environmental, and wellness issues we the people of Windham deem important.

Patrick knows us well thanks to his tireless involvement on local boards, committees, and task forces such as Windham Neighbors Helping Neighbors and the Task Force to Help Shape the Next Generation of Maine Land Conservation. He’s a Director of Falmouth Rod & Gun Club, former Director of Windham Land Trust, and worked on Windham’s Comprehensive Plan.

Patrick maintained 100% attendance during the 128th legislative session and was instrumental to LD9: An Act to Prohibit the Creation of a Firearms Owner Registry and LD1418: An Act to Ban the Purchase of Retail Marijuana & Retail Marijuana Products with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program Benefits. Or as Patrick would say, “Need before weed!”

I pray my neighbors in District 25 send Representative Patrick Corey back to Augusta to keep fighting for our natural resources, time-honored traditions, and core values! Vote for Patrick Corey on November 6th.

Rebecca Cummings
Windham Town Council/East District

 Dear Editor,

As a professional young adult living in Gray with my family, I support and endorse Sue Austin for Maine House District #67 and encourage my fellow district citizens in joining me with voting for her in the November election.

Like myself, Sue was born and raised in Gray and threads of our community are carefully woven into the commitment for which she stands. I continue to be impressed with Sue's ability to listen and discuss even minute concerns as well as her ability to direct much needed quality development throughout our community.

Sue’s genuine presence and participation in local events, meetings and fundraisers is nearly constant. Beyond what Sue has demonstrated, I find her to be honest, trustworthy and dedicated; all of which are essential for the office in which she should be elected.

Dr. Marissa D. Stewart, PT, DPT, BS

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