Friday, September 7, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Windham House District 25 has a superior candidate in Jennie Butler. With over 
27 years as a school teacher, Jennie has the ability to work with others and will be an awesome representative for us.

Her community commitment is evidenced by her work with the Windham Recreation Department Advisory Committee, St Ann’s Episcopal Church, the Windham Athletic Boosters, and others. She knows first-hand the struggles of those caring for aging parents. She is energetic, intelligent, and compassionate!

The Maine AFL-CIO, Sierra Club, and others have already endorsed Jennie. As our Representative, she will fight for all of us. I have known Jennie for more than 25 years and I have no doubt that she will work tirelessly for our District. I encourage you to vote for Jennie Butler for Maine House District 25! If you want your voice to be heard, you won’t find a better Representative than Jennie Butler!

Lori Poland

Dear Editor,

I support Jennie Butler for Maine House District 25! I know she will use her vote for the best interest of Windham and the State of Maine. I have known her for many years and she is a hard worker. She cares and helps others as much as possible. This caring for others and their needs will be her main focus in the state house. She cares most about education, seniors being able to stay in their homes, and fiscally sound budgeting. I will vote for Jennie Butler and I encourage you to vote for Jennie Butler for your state representative too! Check out her website for more information.

Harriet Moroney

 Dear Editor,

Political ads already overwhelming you? Federal and state politics have evolved into a harsh polarized climate. Politics is now so abrasive that it is rarely discussed in social situations unless you are sure of everyone’s affiliations in the room. Completely withdrawing from the process by not voting though, only makes this climate worse. At a minimum, take the time to at least understand who is running for office in your district and spend a little time understanding the positions of the candidates.  Enormous political and social change is already here, and we need smart and cooperative representatives to Augusta who can help Maine thrive and continue to retain its quality of life. 

Anne Gass is the type of representative In House District 67 (South Casco, Frye Island, Raymond, and Gray) we need to take on the political challenges of our area. I’ve worked with Anne on community projects such as Libby Hill Trails and the Gray Community Endowment for nearly 20 years.  Her ability to listen, communicate and bridge differences of opinion to get projects done in Gray makes her well suited to be our voice in Augusta.  If you want to get a flavor of how she would work for you in Augusta, I’d suggest you view the online video of Candidates Night in Casco from May ( You’ll see how professional and well-spoken Anne is in a public forum compared to her opponent, who despite nearly 20 years in Augusta lacks the skills to be an effective leader. 

Anne Gass is out meeting voters and I hope you too get to see her in action.  Hopefully she wins your vote but at a minimum you have taken the time to learn about who you are voting for in November!

Steve McPike

 Dear Editor,

This letter is to express to the citizens of Windham how much I appreciate Representative Patrick Corey and all he has done for not only District 25, but for the people of the great state of Maine.  

I am a retired police officer who has worked in Maine and in the metro Phoenix area for over 30 years and am current president of the Maine Association of Police Retired. I am also a Navy veteran.

Rep. Corey and I have worked together on two separate bills to make our schools safer. It is clear to me and to many of my brothers and sisters in law enforcement that Rep. Corey has the best interest and safety in mind when it comes to crime prevention and the security of our schools. He has demonstrated his tenacity when it comes to his beliefs and those of his constituents.

I will continue to go to Rep. Corey when we need a change in Augusta because he has a comprehensive approach and thoroughly analyzes the issues. He thinks through his decisions and makes them based on principle and the good of the people he represents. Best Wishes for re-election in November. 

Michael Mercer

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