Friday, September 7, 2018

Insight: To honor and remember by Lorraine Glowczak

Preble Hall seemed eerily quiet that day at 9 a.m. as I prepared class documents for the professors and instructors at Southern Maine Community College. Except for the silence in the hallways, nothing seemed out of the ordinary – that is – until the Chair of the Social Science Department entered my office and shared the tragic news that would confuse and startle me for days – and years - to come. It was September 11, 2001.

Everyone who remembers that day has a personal account to share. As the 17th anniversary approaches this Tuesday, I would like to take a moment to remember and honor all those whose lives were lost or greatly affected by this tragedy.

There are many ways in which we can commemorate September 11th. Whether it is flying the flag at half-mast, sharing memories with loved ones or attending a community event; all are ways to remember with respect. The day might also provide an opportunity for each of us to re-examine our actions and how they contribute to a safe and happy society.

The Windham Eagle team dedicates this week’s publication in memory of that time, and we too will take a moment to re-examine our role as a positive, solution-based news source for the readers of Windham and Raymond. Should we adhere to our mission of encouraging and upbeat reporting when there are bad and negative things happening in the world?

It’s irrefutable that an opiate crisis is occurring in our own backyard, local politicians don’t always work together amicably, and discord is before the many of us who do not see eye to eye. So, should we highlight this news since it does, in fact, exist?

We can’t deny disaster and misfortune in the world and within our community but providing an optimistic account of the positive events that happen on a daily basis does not necessarily discount the other realities.

To provide helpful and promising news is meant to inspire you – especially on those days you feel like giving up. It is our hope that you will continue in your endeavors in life, knowing there is just enough good in the world to make the bad days worthwhile.

And if there is anything that we learned from those early moments and days following September 11, 2001, it is how quickly life can change and how, even for just a while, we were united as one big family. To retain those lessons is what the Windham Eagle aspires to offer. It is just one small action that we believe contributes to a safe and happy society.

And it is in this way, we honor and remember.

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